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Market Research

Is the government buying what you sell? How often? In what quantities? Conduct market research to find the answers to these questions.

Check out:

USA Spending 

Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS)

DLA Internet Bid Board System

State of Michigan-Market Research

Is the State of Michigan buying what you sell? How often? In what quantities?

Check out the State of Michigan's Purchasing Website:


Michigan Dept. of Technology, Management, Budget (DTMB)

NAICS and PSC Codes

The government uses codes to identify the products and services available for government contracting. The North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) provides six-digit numbers to classify the type of work performed or products sold. Product Service Codes (PSC) are another code that is also used for classifying businesses. 

Find Your Business Codes Here:


PSC Manual

PSC Website

Dun & Bradstreet Number and System for Award Management (SAM)

SAM registration is required of all who wish to contract with the federal government. It involves self-certification of your business. This includes everything from your NAICS codes to your deposit bank account for accepting payment from the government, from contact information to agreeing to Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) clauses for your business. SAM is the Official U.S. Government website, SAM IS 100% FREE!

Check Out SAM:


Request your government contracting DUNS Number for free (required for SAM)

Data Universal Number System (DUNS)